Bowfishing combines the skill of archery will the thrill of fishing.  We use archery equipment (compound bows) with specially designed bowfishing reels and line.  A fish is shot with the arrow and then reeled in with the reel.  Quite simply, bowfishing is fishing with a bow and arrow. 

Most frequent questions

1.What types of fish can you bowfish for? Most non-game and rough fish species are legal for bowfishing.  Carp, buffalo, gar, and many other invasive or exotic species are legal.  Many of these species are dangerous to our waterways and overpopulated, thus no bag limits on most.  Most state game and fish divisions are glad for you to remove as many as possible.

2.What type of license do you need for bowfishing? A regular fishing license is required.

3. Do lights and generators spook fish? Fish such as gar, carp, buffalo and drum might move away slowly but sometimes you can float right over the top of them and they won’t move.  In fact, if you find them in submerged grass, they sometimes will lay still and hope you pass right over/by them.  Grass carp however, are a bit more skittish and must be “stalked” if you will.  If you know or think a grass carp is in a certain area, be ready because once they spook, they leave in a hurry and will offer you a small window of opportunity to get a shot.

4. How do I aim at the fish? Getting used to shooting at fish below water can be challenging, it's called light diffraction.  A good general rule is to aim 4" low for every foot the fish is underneath the water, for example if the fish was 2 feet deep you would aim about 8 inches low.  This does vary but it's a thing you will get the feel for with practice.

Rich Wilson of Chris More Nashville